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Do Instructional Designers Hold the Key to a Better Educational System?


In a world where even the most basic truism of design gets thrown out the window, it's worth holding on to the notion that design is communication. The idea that we can create and communicate things that way holds sway for a lot of folks. The question is does the rest of the system subscribe…

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Medical Assistant Careers Can Now Be Enrolled At Traditional Schools

Before continuing your education you must choose the school and the program that you want to enroll in. There are many schools and programs available today so you will need to think a bit before enrolling. You want to find the one that best matches your goals and needs. Careers as a medical assist…

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10 Tips for Leading a Healthy Life

Here are a few further suggestions for leading a healthy, well-rounded and truly 'aha' moment of leadership.

1. Make use of outside resources and communication tools when possible

Check in regularly with local library teams, if you have any further resources you can draw upon.  I received inva…

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The panic of Violence in Schools

Since I took over in September, we had three pupils in intensive care. Two were in a induced coma.  Although they would improve (hopefully), it would be some time before they would talk again. The third young person was in a comatose induced coma.She would heal (hopefully), however after that, she w…

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